Re: MEDIA: "Immortality on "48 Hours"

Brian Manning Delaney (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 12:46:37 -0800

> I agree the whole thing came out positive
> despite a few attempts to play cute.

The Calorie restriction segment was amazingly devoid of useful information. And, from what I hear, they left out some qualifications on what Weindruch said about whether people should try CR, like, "there's good reason to believe it will work in humans, but we can't know for certain yet..." leaving the viewer instead with the impression that he thinks there's essentially LITTLE reason to believe it will work in humans, which is definitely not his view.

They also didn't mention that there are hundreds of other people on the diet, many of whom are pulling together a study to be submitted to a gerontology journal. I spent hours talking about this.... Very annoying.

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