Re: European [and Australian] "Socialists"
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:27:39 -0700

Damien B writes:

> Amazing! You have just reinvented Keynes, which is a step forward over
> some of the gung-ho I've-got-mine-fuck-you-Jack rhetoric on this list.

Damien, can you quote an example of such rhetoric? I don't recall any. I think you're imputing unworthy attitudes and motives with no evidence because you can't imagine how anyone could honorably differ with you on the issue. Of course, imagination doesn't equal understanding.

As a matter of fact, I'll take "I've got mine, fuck you, Jack" over "I want yours, hand it over or else" any day of the week. The first is impolite and insensitive. The second is criminal. Yet it's what modern so-called "liberalism" amounts to.

IMHO failing to distinguish economics (power of production and trade) from politics (power of brute force) betrays an abysmal lack of understanding of both.