Re: Amplifying Cognition : Remembrance Agent.

Max M (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:09:56 +0100

Theres a inexpensive commercial software that will take you a long way at:

It's a research tool and PIM mostly for writers, journalist and researchers.


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From: christophe delriviere <> To: <> Date: 13. november 1998 02:58
Subject: Amplifying Cognition : Remembrance Agent.

>i've just read the paper "Amplifying Cognition: Extending Memory and
>Intelligence" by Anders.
>available at
>I find it a very good and interesting paper and more precisely, i find
>the idea underlying the Remembrance Agent very attractive. a priori, i
>think it can provide me a great help in my current private writing (not
>really transendant ;)... but anyway...).
>i've checked the Remembrance Agent Page at the MIT :
>but this great stuff is running under UNIX... that's too sad for me
>because my complete current environment is under win95 ;(..
>is somebody aware of some software doing the same thing but win95
>or more probably could somebody tell me if it's easy to make this
>program work under w95 with some kind of emulator?
>thank you, anyway...