Re: Gingrich, Moynihan step down

Spike Jones (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 22:59:57 -0800

> Max More wrote: Personally, I'm not a private person. I've always been
> > extremely open about my views and interests, even when those around me are
> > not in sync.
> Paul Hughes wrote: I do not dispute this, but I think it's no coincidence either
> that you've chosen the west coast of the U.S. as your home. I can't think of a
> better place (short of an off-shore colony) where extropian views will be met with
> the least resistance or prejudice....

we have a group of scientists and engineers that meet in palo alto every thursday afternoon at 1600 in lockheed's building 201 where we bring in experts to give pitches and to discuss various scientific topics. ive noticed it is getting more extropian over the past several years. todays topic was sending humans to mars. non-lmco-ers welcome. if you are in the neighborhood and want directions, email me offline.