separatists in america

Spike Jones (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 22:43:25 -0800

> Paul Hughes <> wrote:
> .
> >America was founded largely by people who felt threatened to believe and
> >practice their religion as they wanted to. Their need for privacy finally
> >became so strong the only way they could get to their satisfaction was to
> >give up everything in attempt to cross the Atlantic and form a new
> community...

i suspect the separatists came to america to prevent information from *coming into* their society, as much or more than to prevent information about themselves from leaking out. each generation would need to carefully block information channels to the next generation in order to prevent them from becoming
like the society the separatists so despised. i have seen, first hand, information
control at work still today, in the form of blocking or distorting information about science in general and evolution in particular. {8-[ spike