Amplifying Cognition : Remembrance Agent.

christophe delriviere (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 02:48:32 +0100

i've just read the paper "Amplifying Cognition: Extending Memory and Intelligence" by Anders.
available at

I find it a very good and interesting paper and more precisely, i find the idea underlying the Remembrance Agent very attractive. a priori, i think it can provide me a great help in my current private writing (not really transendant ;)... but anyway...).

i've checked the Remembrance Agent Page at the MIT :

but this great stuff is running under UNIX... that's too sad for me because my complete current environment is under win95 ;(..

is somebody aware of some software doing the same thing but win95 compatible?
or more probably could somebody tell me if it's easy to make this program work under w95 with some kind of emulator?

thank you, anyway...