Damned European Socialist goes to Alcor UK

Berrie Staring (bstaring@telekabel.nl)
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 19:46:46 +0100

Dear all,

Just one last mail befor I will go to the Alcor UK meeting in Eastborne.
(hope to see some of you there)

I agree on the fact that you could find
ways to "pay someone in the future" to
wake you. But I was reffering to "all" of it in a more general way.

I strongly believe that we can have the best of both worlds. I think one of the main things that makes life worthwhile is socialising with friends and have just plain fun.
(why would you wan't to live longer in the first place...)
(I'm not saying you can't have friends or fun in a Total free market,
......but I fear you just too busy watching your back all the time)

This means IMHO that we have to have some sort of "mind-set" that we all agree on:

" OK...you are free to have a gun (free market rigth !)..."

but i hope we all agree on the fact that:

" NO..you can't shoot at him just for fun...."

I agree; it's a bit extreme, but I think it says what I mean. Try to give as much tasks as possible to the "free market" They will most of the time do a better job. But make sure that we have some "rules" that are controled by an "independent" (dare I say it :-) goverment And control it by ; for example "a truth machine :-)" or something that comes close .....ALWAYS LIVE VIDEO... of everything they say and do.
This way it can still be "honestly" controled by the votes of the majority........
(only a very few......anarchists will complain that they
still don't have "absolute freedom" (wich in a way they will never have....but I will try that one later :-)

Sorry...got to go now.
(you can mail me on bstaring@csi.com

but somehow this adres can't conect to the extropy list ......I'm still trying to find out why ?)