Re: Gingrich, Moynihan step down

Peter C. McCluskey (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:26:34 -0800 (Doug Bailey) writes:
>Gingrich's only crime was that he was too moderate for
>a GOP that, with prodding from the Christian Coalition and
>other groups within the Christian Right, is tending towards
>a more extreme right-wing stance. To an extent, this

Hardly. The right-wingers that I heard calling for his head (on a private mailing list) made no mention of his ideology, and made frequent mentions of his failure to communicate any ideology to the voters over the past couple of years.

>However, not all is gloomy. I suspect Gingrich will return to
>public life (or attempt to). I would not be surprised to see
>a Bush-Gingrich ticket in 2000.

The idea futures market puts the chances of Gingrich running for president in 2000 at 13 to 19 percent (down from about 35% before the election).

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