Re: Damned European Socialists ;-) [was off list]

Timothy Bates (
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 13:23:45 +1100

hi damien - sending this to the list as well in case i am misunderstood more widely.

Damien Broderick noted [off list] that a sentence in my last email is broken.

>>I guess that is because people forget that Denmark had an explicit
>>eugenics program to enhance the IQ of its population ;-) Skin heads
>>keeping out "inferior" colours of immigrant is also suggests

>The sentence about skinheads appears to have been truncated. I wonder if
>you'd let me know what you meant to say?

For Daniel and the wider audience, I first wrote to "... suggests that there is a significant facist right in denmark."

I changed my mind and wrote "keeping out "inferior" colours of immigrant is not a good advertisment for Denmark."

Somehow, neither got sent. Oh well.

I was referring to a news item from earlier this year in which skinhead gangs were shown "standing guard" at the road entries to denmark "discouraging" non-whites from coming to Denmark.

PS: In part, reflects of how little use is the term "right wing". As the late Hans Eysenck pointed out, both Stalin and Hitler were authoriatarian butchers, and it seems uninformative to call one left-, and the other right- wing. In many ways the libertarian philosophy is radical left but is typically characterised as radical right. The terms are of little value in practice. Sociology has failed, as far as I can see to give us a useful term.


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