Damned European Socialists ;-) (was: what happened here?)

Max M (maxm@maxmcorp.dk)
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 17:25:12 +0100

From: Michael Lorrey <retroman@together.net>

>Nah, we've just gotten a lot more subscribers from Europe, New Zealand and
>Australia. Consequently, the number of people with socialist leanings has
>gone up. They seem to have this quirky notion that you can make everything
>equal for everyone without stealing anything from anybody, or annoying

First of I must say that I find death to be the ultimate form of loss of freedom.

In my POW there is a scale of freedom that goes like this:

Absolute Freedom -> Wealth -> middle class wealth -> annoying lack of money ->
Powerty -> inability to feed one self properly -> No food at all -> Death

I think that being poor is the ultimate form of imprissonment there is. Just slightly better than death.

Therefore I find it is fair to steal money from those who has "wealth" and "middle class wealth" to help those who has "powerty" or less.

"Making the rich 2% unhappier to make the poor 200% happier"

When that is done I also believe that ultimately those people should be able to feed themself. Therefore I find it to be a good idea to steal even more money from the more wealthy, to give the poor a free education. Then they will become a productive part of society and there will be an ROI that will benefit all of the society.

The educated mind is the greatest raw material there is.

Economics is a win win scenario, and taking money away from the wealthy and investing them in other peoples education/helping the poor can eventually make the wealthier even wealthier as society as a whole becomes wealthier and the newly rich start spending their money.

I think this is obvious from watching history. I would rather be poor and unemployed today in Denmark than I would want to be King Richard of England :-)

And no. I don't believe that the individual investor and the invisible hand will automatically find a similar solution. At least not without the consquences being to big for the poor.

Another thing though is the level of taxation taking place now, which I find has reached absurd proportions. At least here in Denmark. I currently pay at least 65% of my total income to different taxes! This I do find rather enslaving.

btw. I am considdered to be right wing here in Denmark :-)


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