cryonics question

Peter Passaro (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 06:12:40 -0500 wrote:

> How can the formation of ice crystals in organism that is composed

> of water, even if it is frozen more quickly?

I know this effect is observed in the laboratory and I had not really asked
why, but here goes my best guess. Any crystal is a highly organized structure which is made up of smaller repeating units. The process is one
in which small units form first and then are gathered into a larger structure. By quick freezing an object you may be able to slow molecules down before they are able to become highly organized. (The slower you cool
any crystal the more perfect its structure) It is large crystals which are
problems for cells. They do nasty things like tearing cell membranes. If
you freeze an object very quickly the crystals are probably kept in a less
organized state and of a diameter which is not particularly dangerous
to cells.
I hope that helped. Peter