Re: Quantum Telemetry

Peter Passaro (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 01:07:30 -0500

my inner geek wrote
> How small can the quantum teleportation/telemetry devices be
> constructed? Would it be possible to engineer biological systems
> with quantum telemetry inside cell structures?
> Could devices be constructed that use quantum telemetry on a cellular
> level? For example, could neurons be "bugged" so that each neuron
> has a unique i.d. and quantum transponder, so that nueral activity
> could be monitored from a far remote facility (on the moon or a
> distant planet)?
> Could such a "machine" be spliced into the DNA gene sequences that
> encode nerve cells?

Wow Ken! Feeling a little ambitious this evening are we. I can answer half your question (the biology half). Maybe some well meaning physist can answer the other half. I'm not up to speed on quantum teleportaion devices, but I know the theory behind them. For any computational structure that is possible, you could certainly build it in a living creature as protein sequences (and if its protein you can code for it with DNA). The technology is not here yet, we still have the infamous protein folding problem to overcome befor this is possible. The only limiting problem (excluding current technological limitations), as you have pointed out, is size. There are a very large number of variables involved in the transmission of signals from a single neuron so this might get to be a large piece of protein hardware (not just a simple on/off transmission). You do realize that current quantum teleportation techniques still require a convential EM signal to transmit half the message though, right? Or have things changed recently?


P.S, Why would you want to monitor every single neuron in someone at a distance? Maybe have an extension of yourself in many places at one time? OOH AHH, I like it!