POLITICS: Gingrich, Abandoning the D.C. Charade

my inner geek (geek@ifeden.com)
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 21:55:36 +0800

One thing that amazes me is how people seem to need to have something to rebel against. There is all this talk about who replaces Gingrich.

Why don't we talk about what replaces Washington D.C., biennial elections, and other such obsolete idiocy?

Sooner or later, we are going to need to stop sending all of our money to a bunch of empty wooden chairs sitting in old marble buildings. The people come and go, and the institutions just sit there, as completely inanimate objects doing nothing more than keeping a bunch of historical documents safe from erosion.

As long as the focus in on "the people" and not "the process", we're just a bunch of sheep wasting our time and money waiting around for something better.

Why don't we collectively start thinking about openly suggesting something better.

Assuming, with the stroke of a pen, our leaders simply cancelled all funding, effectively immediately, for the DEA, FCC, and FDA, what then do we do with all the unemployed Federal Workers?

Many of us resent these institutions. But if we were called upon to make the decision of how to eliminate them outright, how would we implement that decision?

What the hell do we do? Just have Clinton make a National address, saying "due to statistical projections, information technology, and local leadership resources that are in place, we no longer are required to collect tax revenues. The IRS has been disbanded, and you are no longer required to pay Federal Income Taxes. The military advises me that we have 40 years of petroleum reserves to supply the tanks, ships, and aircraft, so the military will remain strong, even without the taxes being collected."

Will some of the readers on this list do me a favor and play "King for a Day", and come up with some scenarios that can be acted upon.

Otherwise, we're just going to watch generation after generation of egomaniac power brokers doing nothing but maximizing their Nielsen ratings.