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> >As a matter of fact, thin-film amorphous Si photocell radios with
> >headphones are very cheap (a dollar or two, if mass-produced),
> >inconspicuous since tiny, and certainly deployable from air.
> >Unfortunately, in case of misogynist memetic set the enforcer is
> >not far, being the husband.
> Can we get a few facts in here? Not all men in Afghanistan are for the
> Taliban. I guess many would love to see them blown to bits. The problem is
> the ultra-extremists with guns that are telling everyone else how to act.
> Its not exactly like the population greeted them with great warmth when
> they entered Kabul. Information for the oppressed is always a useful
> commodity (whether it would have any affect on the Taliban is another
> question).
> No ones answered my previous question: how do you attack problems much
> closer to hand. For instance the insane guys shooting doctors offering
> abortions. I would have thought if you could crack the memetic set of
> Bible-beat Christians you would be ready to take on the World. If you can't
> then any talk of changing the much more extreme (I know its hard to
> believe) Taliban is just idle posturing.
> ciao, patrick

Try doing a memetic analysis of

Of course they're nuts, but what are the sources of their appeal to 
nutty, violent people?          Joe

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