Re: HDTV Flat Panels: bad systems of measure

Brian Atkins (
Sun, 08 Nov 1998 19:55:31 -0500

There's a reason why most people do the date that way. It's because month day year is the way you say the date in English, and I at least think in English. It is day month year in other countries probably because that is how it is said in their language...

At any rate, that's my theory

Paul Hughes wrote:
> Christian Weisgerber wrote:
> > I could waste resources arguing with people that it is a bad idea to
> > write today's date as 08.11.98, 08/11/98, or 11/08/98. Or I can simply
> > go ahead and use 1998-11-08.
> > "What's that peculiar way you write the date?"
> > "It's the ISO world standard, it's international, logical, and it's not
> > ambiguous since there is no competing notation that reverses month
> > and day."
> > "Oh."
> > Idea planted. Repetition will re-inforce it.
> Please do, after all it seems like everywhere else (on the net) I'm asked to
> enter mm-dd-yyyy. If we really want to change the reinforcement we need to
> e-mail those programmers who are creating applications not using the ISO
> standard.
> Paul

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