Re: TRANSPORTATION: Replacing Cars with Shuttles

my inner geek (
Sat, 7 Nov 1998 20:27:58 +0800 (Dan Clemmensen):

> More generally, your proposal as stated appears to require a
> massive, centralized project. That's a bit hard to do in a
> democracy. Could you please describe your concept of the
> organization of this project?

Actually, I wasn't think about it from a "democracy" standpoint.

I was considering it more from the following standpoint:

Human beings are in a state of tension and stress in petroleum economy scarcity economics. They keep reproducing, leaving more humans with even fewer resources. However, information appliances are growing less expensive, so these "worker class" humans will soon have access to "ruling class" coordination capabilities.

In order to reduce this stress, we can completely eliminate the entire petroleum economy in one global top down replacement of leadership memesets. Not that the actual leaders will change, just that their controlling memesets will be replaced through nonlethal means.

The petroleum economy cannot be incrementally phased out. The information economy is growing too quickly, and without massive deliberate intervention, there will come a point when available weapons design information will collide with petroleum economy tension, resulting in large scale conflict.

The solution is to approach the petroleum economy as a "game" that is no longer enjoyable to the majority of players, and that can be replaced with a different game, using "all necessary means".

The shift need not be painful. It can be entertaining, relaxing, and enjoyable. Bottom line: the cars go.