Re: gender apartheid information warfare

Patrick Wilken (
Sun, 8 Nov 1998 11:30:06 +1000

>I agree with Kathryn that transhumanists should be vitally concerned about the
>misogynist policies of Islamic fundamentalists (and most religions, for that
>matter -- consider the appalling treatment of widows even today in Hindu India
>and the "obedient wife" prescriptions of traditional, mainstream
>Christianity). Transhumanism is about liberation; ultimately, liberation from
>the limits of the biological human form.

Putting aside the ultra-extreme practises of the Taliban for a moment consider closer to hand the killing of U.S. doctors willing help women have abortions. Coming from a country where there is virtually on moral stigma associated with abortions the continued killings of American doctors seems to be on a par with the ultra-crazies in Afghanastan. Gunning down a middle-aged doctor in front of his children because he was pro choice is about as barbaric and anti-transhumanist as you can go.

ciao, patrick

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