Re: TRANSPORTATION: Replacing Cars with Shuttles

Dan Fabulich (
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 19:09:59 -0500

my inner geek wrote:
>Replacing the transportation system with automated lightweight
>shuttles will require taking the old steel cars and melting them
>down. Then we can injection mold small driverless hybrid
>flywheel/electric motor driven computer navigated shuttles.

I'm not convinced this is economically feasible. To the best of my understanding, the cost of buying up the cars, building the shuttles and installing a computer that can not only drive passengers to their destinations but can also *understand where the passengers want to go* would thoroughly kill whatever profitability you had in mind.

However, I may be wrong, in which case, I reccomend that you try it and see. :)

>We can take the steel and use it in steel framed houses.

As for this, if it's profitable, then go try it. If your plan depends on the profitability of this cars -> shuttles plan to pay for the raw steel, however, it's probably doomed to fail, IMO.

>Does anyone know the logistics requirements of converting cars into
>raw steel, then moving large numbers of people out of apartments and
>into low and medium density steel framed homes?

... but then, the way you're phrasing this it doesn't sound like you're keen on doing this through market means at all.

If you can make steel-framed homes cheap, then you shouldn't have to concern yourself with the logistics of moving people around. People will gladly pay you for your steel-enforced houses and move *themselves* into your houses.


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