Re: ECONOMICS: Drug-based Incentive Systems
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 19:25:27 EST

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<< For that reason, we may still have a need for labor.

If the Earth is Federalized and each citizen is awarded a paperless allowance of the U.S. equivalent of $58,000/year, what incentive is there for laborers to burn calories?

Particularly if they are enjoying home hi-fi in a hemp-induced complacent state?

Cocaine or Crystal Meth could be used as incentives for the worker labor caste, I'd imagine. What sorts of problems would this cause or solve? >>

The idea that these are our only options... there's the whole world(s) of psychedelics, which are motivating in a creative sense, as well as other spectrums. They employ the exporation of new realms.