ECONOMICS: Drug-based Incentive Systems

my inner geek (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 14:49:50 +0800

MEMS key signature signed wireless packets make for a great broadband infrastructure, but eventually, for security purposes, it may be necessary to have lots and lots and lots of fiber to support the computing infrastructure necessary to simulate real systems with atomic precision.

For that reason, we may still have a need for labor.

If the Earth is Federalized and each citizen is awarded a paperless allowance of the U.S. equivalent of $58,000/year, what incentive is there for laborers to burn calories?

Particularly if they are enjoying home hi-fi in a hemp-induced complacent state?

Cocaine or Crystal Meth could be used as incentives for the worker labor caste, I'd imagine. What sorts of problems would this cause or solve?