Re: "The magick is in the feeling. I can make you do what you want to do."

Joe Jenkins (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 10:28:03 -0800 (PST)

---Scott Painter <> wrote:

> Perfectionist, idealist, hedonist, eclectic, universal immortalist,
> transhumanist, extropian, life extensionist, longevist, bodybuilder
> automorph, metamorphosist, survivalist, dietition, nutritionist,
> cryonicist, researcher, scholar, genius, rationalist mastermind,
> futurist, futurologist, space colonization enthusiest, astronomer,
> astrologer, Aries/Pisces, dreamer, meditator, Taoist, Buddhist,
> Christian, Kabalist, Pagan, Ancestor Worshipper, Sovereign, former
> scout, indian guide, goth, vamp, mage, god, Green Party member,
> environmentalist, neo-primitivist, naturalist, naturist, gymnast,
> athlete, martial artist, dancer, club hopper, cyberpunk, phreak,
> artist, thespian, musician, self-improvement fanatic, adventurer,
> pacifist, optimist, romantic, switch, polyamourist, cyclically
> calorie-restricted and ketogenic Evolutionary-Fitness and Anabolic
> Cycle of Diet and Exercise system enthusiest, 21 year-old, male,
> androgyne, Nordic/Atlanto-mediterranean, and
> automorphotransmetatechnoreginadiabiophysicist SEEKS ASSISTANCE for
> secret, underground, high elevation, disaster resistant farms, highly
> reusable intergalactic space vehicles, and laboratories for
> transbiological metamorphosis into nanotechnological, molecular
> manufacturing, rapid prototyping, universal assembling, mind
> and artificially intelligent utility fogs. ...interested? You should

I enjoy seeing this kind of sig line where you list your philosophies, belief systems, world views, ideologies, current interests, pet projects, etc.. I think I'll make one up for myself. But............what is the deal with listing mutually exclusive items like, for example, Christian extropian? Is there any significance to why one is capitalized and the other isn't? Is the disease, schizophrenia or multiple personality syndrome legit? ;-)

Just curious and not necessarily an attacker - don't mind the disease joke, I couldn't help myself and that's probably a disease in itself ;-(

> It's great to be back on the the list again.
> Thank you all for being here.

Welcome back Mr. Immortal a.k.a. Scott Painter.

Joe Jenkins

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