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Co-Host Locations:

Southern Calif., contact:, 310 306-3129 Northern Calif, contact: East Coast, contact: and


**Opening Reception: Friday, December 4, 1998**

You are virtually invited to participate in "The Aesthetics of Memetic Evolution 2.0" exhibited at commencing the 1998 CryoFeasts.

**LA CryoFeast '98: Saturday, December 5, 1998**

6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Pass The Ice Bucket! Join us for a cryonics meeting and voice your own creative and insightful ideas about cryonics for a 3-10 minute oratory and then pass the ice bucket on to someone else.

8:00 - until Party! Eat, drink and be merry Pot Luck dinner. Bring your favorite delicious dishes. Parking is adjacent to our townhouse and we will have signs up guiding you here.

			Attractions:  	Books by Alcor members, 
					to-be-announced raffle;
					videos, and more.

And, for those of you who would rather expand your brain than your belly, we have books from some of our favorite authors.

While others may be a little behind the times in giving thanks for the harvest; we cryonicsts are giving thanks for the technologies that may help us to live healthfully and indefinitely.

I welcome all to attend my home in Los Angeles or other Co-Hosted CryoFeasts honoring Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

CryoFeast 1998 Los Angeles Co-Host
Natasha Vita More
4201 Via Marina
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310 306-3129; or,

[Alcor members who would like to co-host, please contact me.]

For more information re Co-Hosted CryoFeasts 1998: contact me. For more information about Alcor and cryonics, please visit Alcor's Web site:

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