Re: "The magick is in the feeling. I can make you do what you want to do."

Michael Fitzgerald (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 10:16:49 +1100

Scott Painter wrote:

> It's sold at General Nutrition Centers under the label of a
> bodybuilding
> suppliment called Neurogain by EAS (Experimental and Applied Sciences)
> for use as a strength, endurance, motivation, and energy enhancer.

Scott, I thought your post the most quotable i've come across to date (only been here a couple of weeks :) )Im writing to you -and doing everything else- from melbourne, australia. do you happen to know if this stuff is available generally throughout the planet?

> Oh yea, all you ladies will be absolutely ecstatic to know that while
> I
> am on Neurogain, fat drops off me like there is no tommorrow, even
> when
> I try to prevent it.

could you write me a brief note elaborating on yr success in this department, b.c this is principally what i'm interested in?

> ...but BE CAREFULL, it's very potent!
> I lost my virginity because of this.
> I'm almost a nympho now.
> God, I love this. :-)

and this bit !

> Scott Painter

thanks again, Scott.
Warm regards (from another androgenous type) Michael