Cato conference on Technology & Society: great speakers!

Max More (
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 14:21:21 -0800

Cato Institute's conference has an amazing list of speakers. I hope to see some
of you there.


>From November 19-21, the Cato Institute and Forbes ASAP are holding their
annual Technology and Society Conference. This year's theme is Washington, D.C.
vs. Silicon valley, covering many topics from antitrust to privacy.

Speakers will include

Greg Benford
David Brin
Scott Cook
Eric Drexler
Larry Ellison
Bill Frezza
Milton Friedman
David Friedman
Dan Fylstra
Bill Melton
Bob Metcalfe
TJ Rodgers
Eric Schmidt
Vernor Vinge

and many others. To register or learn more, visit

<> l2.html.