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Thu, 05 Nov 1998 07:04:37 PST

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Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 22:55:46 -0800From: Spike Jones <>
Subject: Re: Calorie Restriction

Patrick Wilken wrote:

> Doing a quick search on Medline brings up lots of studys on calorie
> restriction. Are any extropians practising it?
a very mild form of it, yes. --- I practice my own form of it, yes. ---
> Is there a threshold that needs to be reached for it to work
effectively or
> is any CR good (so long as you aren't missing out on adequate
nutrients)? i wont know for about 60 years, patrick. {8^D these kinds of studies are inherently difficult with humans. we live so long, the researchers who set up the studies tend to die before the results come in. i knew a dog breeder, in the business for over 40 yrs, who swore cr helped his dogs live waaay longer. he claimed a third again longer than well fed dogs. spike --- After being on CR with inadequate nutrition for about 6 years during high-school, I look 3 years younger than I am, but had headaches, depression, and was not sexually active, so there were trade-offs. NOW, I am on cyclical calorie-restriction with DARN NEAR OPTIMAL nutrition and I feel ABSOLUTELY FREAKING FANTASTIC! I love my diet, I really do. I love my diet and it loves me too. :-) Scott Painter Perfectionist, idealist, hedonist, eclectic, universal immortalist, transhumanist, extropian, life extensionist, longevist, bodybuilder automorph, metamorphosist, survivalist, dietition, nutritionist, cryonicist, researcher, scholar, genius, rationalist mastermind, futurist, futurologist, space colonization enthusiest, astronomer, astrologer, Aries/Pisces, dreamer, meditator, Taoist, Buddhist, Yogin, Christian, Kabalist, Pagan, Ancestor Worshipper, Sovereign, former boy scout, indian guide, goth, vamp, mage, god, Green Party member, environmentalist, neo-primitivist, naturalist, naturist, gymnast, athlete, martial artist, dancer, club hopper, cyberpunk, phreak, freak, artist, thespian, musician, self-improvement fanatic, adventurer, pacifist, optimist, romantic, switch, polyamourist, cyclically calorie-restricted and ketogenic Evolutionary-Fitness and Anabolic Burst Cycle of Diet and Exercise system enthusiest, 21 year-old, male, androgyne, nordic/atlanto-mediterranian, and automorphotransmetatechnoreginadiabiophysicist SEEKS ASSISTANCE for secret, underground, high elevation, disaster resistant farms, highly reusable intergalactic space vehicles, and laboratories for transbiological metamorphosis into nanotechnological, molecular manufacturing, rapid prototyping, universal assembling, mind uploaded, and artificially intelligent utility fogs. ...interested? You should be. --- ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at