Re: Calorie Restriction

Spike Jones (
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 22:55:46 -0800

Patrick Wilken wrote:

> Doing a quick search on Medline brings up lots of studys on calorie
> restriction. Are any extropians practising it?

a very mild form of it, yes.

> Is there a threshold that needs to be reached for it to work effectively or
> is any CR good (so long as you aren't missing out on adequate nutrients)?

i wont know for about 60 years, patrick. {8^D these kinds of studies are inherently difficult with humans. we live so long, the researchers who set up the studies tend to die before the results come in. i knew a dog breeder, in the business for over 40 yrs, who swore cr helped his dogs live waaay longer. he claimed a third again longer than well fed dogs. spike