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Michael Fitzgerald (
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 14:23:04 +1100

Dan Clemmensen wrote:

> I thought John's description
> was wonderfully concise.

Dan,Don't get me wrong: my post about John's answer was not in any way meant to cast doubt on his answer (in fact, re-reading yr. post, I don't think you had in fact taken me amiss) but simply a statement of where I'm at with all this: drowned-cum-drowning, but thrilled, and alternatively depressed/excited at everything I want to learn.

> If you can ask the correct question and then get basically the
> distillation
> of an upper-divison college course as a answer, and then understand
> the
> answer to at least some extent, I'd say you are subscribed to the
> right
> mailing list.

This is really kind of you: truth is, I must confess to have merely restated -in my own fashion- the sbustance of Tipler's notes on topic, and some other stuff that i'm wrestling with.My background is in French literature! and that, at only an undergraduate level: i'm a teacher/cab-driver who has been smitten/bitten by reading Damien Broderick's very readable The Spike.

I'm definitely the poor cousin on this list; thank God it is so friendly here, and this is due to people such as your good self.

Have a great day!
melbourne, australia