Re: gender apartheid and transhumanists

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Wed, 04 Nov 1998 23:28:29 +0000 wrote:
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> > I assume that many of you are aware of the situation in Afghanistan by
> > now. An excellent set of factual material and suggestions for action
> > can be found at
> >
> The suggestions from action on this page are far from excellent, they
> include writing letters to politicians, wearing a symbol of support, signing
> a petition, joining their group, and telling others to also follow these
> recommendations. This really does nothing for anybody, except to make the
> person doing them feel like they've done something when they really haven't.
> I unfortunately have no better suggestions.

I was thinking the same thing some time ago, considering that it was mainly an intra afghan problem that we are not allowed to judge. But in fact there is far more to it, it seems a small ex CCCP country has some oil that has to be taken somewhere, two choices, 1- through russia 2- through afghanistan and pakistan toward the indian ocean.

It seems that big oil companies (of which french and american ones I expect) are pushing for control over an oleoduc that would cross afghan and pakistan countries and willing to pay huge royalties for it. And they are giving money to whoever can assure them the passage.

In effect, talibans are strongly helped by pakistan -> ie there are pakistanise 'mercenaries' helping the talibans to gain control of afghanistan.

So again occidentals have impacts on other civilisations??? Do I have the big picture?