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Joe Jenkins (
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 11:35:01 -0800 (PST)

---Spike Jones <> wrote:
> > Spike wrote: by the way joe, i underbid you. i, spiek jones offer
> > immortal
> > soul to the devil for the price of a sack of donuts, and they dont
> > even hafta be those nifty sprinkly kind. {8^D
> now i know there is someone at lockheed sunnyvale that reads
> extropians but evidently isnt posting. yesterday morning i came
> into my office and found a sack of donuts on my desk with a
> yellow sticky where some joker had written, in all lower case:
> "ok, spike, its a deal. td"
> i dont know any td. has anyone seen any post from anyone
> with initials td? at least i *hope* it was some joker at lockheed
> that did that. {8^D spike

Maybe its time to research the bible to see if there is any clue as to how many watts that eternal flame is ;-) I suppose, even if its only a single measly watt, as long as the population is finite, you could experience an infinite subjective time after all. So what if it takes a couple billion years for one day to pass. You'll still be doing better than the do gooders, provided Tipler is wrong.

Apparently jokesters are only willing to go so far. Sadly, $20,000 has not made its way into my account :-( come on td, you elcheapo. I extend the deadline to the end of this week and reduce the amount to $10,000. Because you seem to be a fully badged employee, delivery to my office in legal tender is acceptable. Make the envelope somewhat obscure or I'll never find it in this messy cubicle. td, you are the bestest.

Joe Jenkins

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