Re: Mind Survival Strategies (was "Mind machines, a badly ..")

Michael Fitzgerald (
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 01:30:52 +1100

Scott Badger wrote:

> How about I, Entity Prime (EP) maintain my prime identity and also
> generate
> (let's say) 25 sub-identities whose purposes are to achieve a set of
> goals
> set forth by me at the time I create them? They are virtual copies
> except
> for the executive functions which only the (EP) holds. They may
> interact and edit themselves but not each other,

> except through the rational
> processes of logical and persuasive argumentation.

Does this not suggest some kind of circularity: ie: having recourse to "persuasive argumentation" looks to be suspiciously what we more normally think of as part of being human.