Now You Can Live a Debt Free Life!
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 13:36:09 +1100

                       Hello! My name is Art Kepler
      I am the person emailing this invitation to you concerning the
                       "Life Without Debt Program"
The founder of this program, Mr. James Phipps, who operates the "computer center", created this opportunity for people who want to develop a good income, but do not want to get involved with the worn out multi-level marketing programs that require you to spend a lot of time and money trying to sell a product that a dozen other companies also have available, and that few people are actually interested in buying. Plus the ongoing headaches

of having to make additional sales month after month.

This program teaches you how to take control of your finances, create a good income, and get out of debt. With this program, you can start with a $5 per week investment, and compound it

     into a $780 per week income. You can then increase your
      investment to $25 per week, and compound that into a
     $3900 per week income.  This is a proven system that is
backed by a solid, 9 year old company (The "Computer Center") with a large established income base. This is not an unproven
     fly-by-night company.  This company does business the old-
       fashioned way.  Cash Only!  No credit cards or checks.
  All payments that you make to the company, and all income that
             the company pays to you is in cash only!

     ***   Join Our "Live" Conference Call Every Tuesday Evening      ***
         6:00 PM Central Standard Time at 423-362-4250 Ext. 5433

        If you are interested in this opportunity, call me (Art Kepler) at
             330-569-7687 and I will be glad to help you get started

     To receive our Information packet, including a booklet and audio tape,
              print out this letter and complete the information below.  

  Then send this letter with $10 (cash only) to the "Computer Center"
               PO BOX 1511     Grapevine, Texas    76051
    For those who want to get started with the program immediately, send
     this letter with $25 for your first months fees, plus $10 for the 
     information packet ($35 total, cash only) to the "Computer Center"
      Mailer's ID Number: 132-05-0598-1    Mailer's Name: Art Kepler
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