new to extropy:question

Michael Fitzgerald (
Tue, 03 Nov 1998 20:11:45 +1100

Hi everyone,
I'm wading my way -slowly- through Tipler at the moment. with no formation in maths, and only a little formal logic (years ago as an undergrad)
I'm finding it quite hard going.
I tried -unsuccessfully to date- to read Penrose (i know he has no fundamental affinity with the questions which occupy us here, but I thought it might serve as a good foil/counterpoint to the boyish enthusiasm I'm experiencing for extropian ideas) Funnily enough, Tipler is illuminating what I found quite opaque in Penrose on Turing machines.

question: could someone please try to explain to me -in terms adapted to the level of mathmatical aptitude suggested by foregoing- the proof offered by Tipler on p.26 of Physics of immortality, that is, the argument he offers to prove that the Halting problem is unsolvable.

I am aware of how basic my concerns are, but I really do have enough enthusiasm to make up for initial maths defecit, that is, if you folks are willing to help me from time to time.

anyway, all the best.
melbourne, australia