Re: Transhumanity and "inhumanity"

Randall Randall (
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 21:54:35 +1900 (EST)

den Otter wrote:
> > From: Randall Randall <>
> They have their security men to keep an eye on the scientists,
> this goes especially for government research and big companies,
> the two most likely sources of upload/AI technology. The guys
> that pay for the research will no doubt make sure to check how
> their money is being spent.

But the security people must know enough about the potential to decide if the scientists are violating their contract or whatever. This only creates yet *another* layer of people between the "rich and powerful" and the technology.

> > Any of the
> > arguments that you apply to show that they do not need the
> > rest of humanity applies even more aptly to the scientists
> > and engineers who *build* the technologies.
> Yes, but few of them have the "big picture" or the attitude to use
> the technology for themselves. The guys that created the first
> A-Bomb were only allowed to "play" with it under strict government
> supervision, and the same will most likely be the case here. Of

It would have basically been impossible for an engineer or small group of them to build more A-bombs in secret. A-bombs do not manufacture more.

> course, it could be that a group of scientists would keep the tech
> for themselves and become gods, but it's not very likely. Wrong
> mentality; they'll just meekly hand over the tools for godhood to
> their masters.

I don't know that scientists are any more likely to meekly hand over anything than other people...