Re Political in Oz

Steve Clancy (
Sun, 1 Nov 1998 10:04:01 +1000

>On Fri, 30 Oct 1998, Brian Clancy wrote:
>> Are there any Australians listening to this list? I am attempting
> >to set up a political organisation, preceding a political party, based on
>> extropian ideals in Oz. Would love any comment from list members, esp.
> >Aussies
>I'm sorry, but i don't see any purpose to this exercise. Trying to carry
>the system along seems to be a waste of energy, and bound to fail (so much
>for dynamic optimism :)
>Alejandro Dubrovsky

(Sorry, Alejandro. I was using my fathers header by proxy and forgot to remove his name from it, so it was not Brian Clancy, rather Steve Clancy, sorry.)

Well, I feel that there is a need for some form of extropian political representation in Australia. I assume that you are resident in Australia, so I don't need to remind you of the political spectre of Pauline Hanson and her rather illogical political party.

It has been stated in previous list postings that one way to get around the laws that inhibit extropian principals and enterprises, like genetic and body alteration, would be to simple break the law. While this is an admirable thing to consider, risking one's self for one's beliefs, it is quite difficult to do genetic study and scientific tasks while locked behind bars for 20 years to life.

This is why we need extropian principles in our political way of life, if nothing, to counter the somewhat illogical rantings of our present system.

Thanks, Steve C.