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Max More wrote:

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> >I'm not impressed at all. I think manned space missions are a tremendous
> >waste of my taxes. Very little real science has been done on these expensive
> >flights of fancy and propaganda.
> I'm not disagreeing with you about the cost of the mission and the
> undesirability of tax funding, nor about the scientific gains. Nevertheless
> I *am* still impressed and inspired. I try not to let my political views
> get in the way of my appreciation for a magnificent triumph of human
> intelligence over the forces of nature.
> If you don't understand my response, please read Ayn Rand's classic essay
> on Apollo and Dionysus (in The New Left).

I certainly understand dualism. It's what propaganda thrives on. No one in the media would dare criticize a brave 'American hero's space mission' even if that mission has wasteful and immoral objectives. Deep Space1 is an example of real science and humanitarian objectives. We spend still way too much on our former Alzheim-ic president Regan's Star Wars idea. The military still controls space and the media
so of course John Glenn returning to space is going to be covered with the fervor of the return of Jesus Christ.... It's time to liberate ourselves from misplaced patriotism...

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