Re: no dolphine language

Spike Jones (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 21:24:49 -0800

> writes:
> << That dolphins don't have abstract language was recently
> established in a very elegant experiment. A pool is divided into two
> halves by a net. Dolphin A is released into one end of the pool where...
> ...The idea is that if the dolphins had a language, then A
> would tell B to operate the mechanism. However, it was found that the
> average time for B to operate the mechanism was the same as for A.
> >>
> wrote: Perhaps dolphin A knew dolphin B would

> figure it out and let him have the prize of discovery.

nah. the investigators used a male and female dolphin. the otherwise communicative sea mammals were pissed off at each other that day and were not talking... {8^D spike