Re: Amusing anti-cloning arguments

tsoon (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 18:55:37 +1100

>As I said previously, one escape clause is to
>make cloning cheap and readily available - but why should the custodians of
>an elite system be eager to see this occur?

Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding about your previous comments. Regarding the rhetorical question above though, one reason that the costs of cloning might not go down eventually would be if cloning were supressed and only available to the rich via black markets- and they would then be suppressed, ironically by people holding concerns such as the one expressed above. Imagine if similar things had been said in the past about the motorcar and the computer - i.e. what if the rich get hold of these items first and entrenched their privilege. Where would we be today?

Jason Soon