EXTRO 4: Non-California location?

Max More (maxmore@globalpac.com)
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 21:34:12 -0800

I am hearing some urging to hold EXTRO 4 in a fun location other than in California, such as New Mexico, Las Vegas, etc. The cost of the flight would be small, though those who would be local to a N. Cal event would need a hotel room.

Please give me some feedback on whether holding EXTRO 4 in one of these places would make it significantly less likely that you would come, or whether it would actually be an attractive feature.

I've only heard from two or three people on this, which doesn't give me much to go on. I'd like to settle the location for the conference in August '99 soon, and book the hotel.

In a couple of days I'll be posting more possibilities for subject areas for the conference.



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