Re: Mind machines, a badly neglected topic? (Was: Re: Mind Control,

J. Maxwell Legg (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 11:48:28 +1300

Joe Jenkins wrote:
> transitioning to intense full body orgasms are needed. That is, if
> other muscles begin to synchronize with your PC muscle such that many
> simultaneous involuntary contractions are happening throughout your
> body. I need to identify these muscles that participate. So far, it
> appears most are internal (deeper inside the body), but I need to
> identify ones that I have access to externally (just under the skin).
> I've not searched the literature on any of this because of my
> disappointment on my initial attempt and the resulting success of
> starting from scratch. I still wonder if doing the proper research
> will help or hinder. It appears we have a badly neglected area of
> research when a hobbiest without any background in biology or
> physiology can make discoveries that should be widely known.

Is this what some refer to as kundalini(sp?)