Re: Amusing anti-cloning arguments

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Tue, 27 Oct 1998 08:25:53 -0000

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Subject: Re: Amusing anti-cloning arguments

>> Hara Ra writes:
>> > Next to, and underlying the philosophere is the much deeper and darker
>> > stupidosphere....

Couldn't think of an argument, huh?
>> Noosphere and ignosphere? Hmm... that's a useful concept.

>not the noosphere gene, the noknowsphere... spike {8^D

'no know' is appropriate, or 'no no', transhumanists shouldn't have no no's, no?

Fact is, the existence of telepathy (*if* it exists, and it was accepted by Jung and Freud and William James and Sony etc etc) is an anomaly for the physicalist world view. It may prove to be compatible with it, but it hasn't been explained in physicalist terms yet.

But relax. No need to lose the faith. No one's suggesting that a minor anomaly is any reason to abandon the transhumanist quest, just that loading up will be leaving a slight puzzle behind.

The puzzle might be irrelevant, or it might be indicative of something more significant.

As for 'noosphere,' nomenclature is not important, as people who revel in the endless neologisms of science fiction should appreciate.