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J. Maxwell Legg (
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 21:13:41 +1300

Damien Broderick wrote:
> At 03:22 PM 10/27/98 +1300, "J. Maxwell Legg" <> wrote:
> >using the woefully
> >inadequate mental health laws to spring a trap on the unsuspecting
> >government. After I had accepted their pension because, using their
> >social constructions, they considered mind-uploading a thought disorder
> That's interesting. Are you saying that you currently receive a New
> Zealand invalid pension granted because you were medically evaluated as
> mentally incompetent to earn a living?

Yes, but it's a medical fact that when one has been systematically prevented from working and cut into by a whole spectrum of insiders ranging from Freemasons to the Chicago McMafia the criteria for survival becomes a condition for living. As an autistic person I have to think my way through circumstances that other people don't. Maybe this is why I didn't go along with the corruption I found inside the corporations who were my clients and felt obliged to cause them to leave this part of the world. At least their capital took fright and quit. Also, the fact that for twenty years my thinking has been aligned to the mathematics of The Ingrid Thought Processor has made my take on subjects very formidable if not idiosyncratic.

> If so, do you concur with this assessment? If you do, should this have any
> bearing on our evaluation of your posts? Presumably you do *not* concur,
> given your use of the phrases `woefully inadequate' and `their social
> constructions' and your startling candour in mentioning the pension. Do
> you find any conflict in your personal values in accepting money under what
> therefore would be false pretences?

No conflict. According to Max More and Robin Hanson, capital is not money and what I do involves the best use of my personal capital and I feel no need to justify myself in market/monetary terms. I have spoken out against the false limits of the money measuring system and for this I am now thankfully left alone and provided with the needs I have for food, shelter, communication and computer equipment and most of all for mind uploading. I don't pay taxes or pay salesmen to sell my software. I have no management make-work problems that would only slow me down. With nanotechnology on our horizon and other physical trends truly suited to my software time is on my side and I feel no need to try to convince capitalists of the need to grant development funds for my technology, which technology, btw, I anticipate will make the need for money funding a superfluous and futile effort.

The government's official claim that I have a thought disorder that makes me incapable of regular work is based on the definition of a disorder whereby a claim is made that some of my ideas have been consistently invalidated. I don't agree with this invalidation process although I agree that it has been pretty consistent and have produced evidence on my website that, in my opinion, has likewise consistently invalidated 'their social constructions'. So, this tit-for-tat is my way of living in a disordered system and doing the work that only I can do.

> These questions are not meant as a flame - I do not know Mr Legg, and I am
> genuinely intrigued by the issues raised. Perhaps I should make clear that
> over the last couple of decades I have eked out my own meagre earnings as a
> writer with the aid of five arts grants from Federal and State Australian
> governments, as well as a PhD scholarship from a national funding body. I
> favour some kind of anarcho-socialist polity, for want of a better term, in
> which a guaranteed minimum income is provided, without strings, to all
> citizens. I'm made uncomfortable, however, by the idea of someone
> contriving to gain such benefits by *pretending* to be either somatically
> or mentally ill. If such a misdiagnosis were imposed upon me, I hope I'd
> fight it tooth and nail, rather than accepting any benefits that happened
> to be entailed.

I don't pretend to be a high functioning autistic person. I am. But you have no reason to be fearful that I will seek to harm anyone. However if anyone tries too hard to block my progress they can look forward to a visit from a constable. Maybe you may care to read my disability application which shows "Computers and people with autism... it's like a match made in heaven."

> If Mr Legg actually *is* sufficiently mentally ill to require an invalid
> pension, I apologise for the tenor of these sceptical remarks, and will
> read his posts with this proviso in mind.

Exceptional thinking abilities and a desire to stay out of other people's potholes is what my posts convey. Unfortunately you can't read my earlier posts because they are mostly mis-registered in the extropy archives. I don't know why, but even though a search turns up the correct heading the body of the message points to quite a different message. Has this happened to others or are my posts destined to be forever censored?