Re: Extropian Principles 3.0: Final (?) version now up

J. Maxwell Legg (
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 19:43:33 +1300

Max More wrote:
> I've changed the phrasing in the Perpetual Improvement section to this:
> "Extropians affirm a rational, non-coercive environmentalism aimed at
> sustaining
> and enhancing the conditions for our flourishing."

That's fine now.

> How is it authoritarian to *refrain* from doing something?

Vested interests stifle experimentation by a simple process of thought alignment.

> No one's stopping you. (Have you been visited by the NSA?)

I should have written national security agencies in lower case meaning that term to apply to all countries and their need for secrecy. However, I have been visited by a number of their pavement artists but in the end most leave with a changed outlook.

> Apart from this, I agree with Robin's response. "Capital" doesn't imply money.

I'll remember that whenever I consider my contribution.