Re: questioning Y2K

Spike Jones (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 19:18:19 -0800

> > From: Hara Ra <>
> Why bother with all of that? Just get:
> > Heavy sleeping bag, depending on climate....
> > ....condiments for beans and rice
> den Otter worte: And (especially you folks in the USA) don't forget a couple
> of
> guns and a liberal amount of ammunition. ;-) Even during normal
> blackouts there's usually riots complete with arson, pillage, rape
> and murder, especially in poorer parts of big cities...

den i suspect that few readers of extropians are from the poorer parts of big cities. {8^D when we had the quake here in 89, i was surprised at how civilized everyone behaved themselves. {8-] spike