Re: [Fwd: memetically compatible]

Michael Fitzgerald (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 20:58:31 +1100

Max M wrote:

> Since the human race was developed genes has been les important in the
> world. The ideas and concepts spreading from mind to mind in the human
> society and culture has been taking over as the agent of change. These
> ideas, concepts etc. are called memes. Genes of the mind.
> So when something is "memetically compatible" it just means that the
> ideas
> and concepts doesn't clash.
> Hilsen/regards

thanks hilsen,
i guessed that was the intended meaning
i have a longstanding dislike of and mistrust of jargon, no matter how futuristic the discourse
but having read the explanation, at least i'm able to decipher things a little easier
so thanks again