Re: Amusing anti-cloning arguments

Hara Ra (
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 23:16:57 -0800

Next to, and underlying the philosophere is the much deeper and darker stupidosphere....

Max More:
>For instance:
>* Cloning involves no sexual contact, no mixing of the parents. It's bad to
>produce children without sex. (Pizulli is Catholic, by the way...)
>* Everyone has a right to a unique genetic identity.
>* Why allow a procedure that causes so much repugnance?
>* We don't need ore means of having children when we are overpopulated. [A
>particularly odd thing for a Catholic to say!]
>* If cloning is allowed, we won't be able to draw a line and will end up
>producing legless people to go into space or four-legged people to go to
>Jupiter. [He really said this.]
>* Cloning violates the second formulation of Kant's Categorical Imperative
>("treat people only as ends, not merely as means").
>* "America doesn't want cloning". Cloning will produce an aristocracy and
>America is all about doing away with aristocracies.
>If smart people like Pizulli and the other intellectuals who have written
>in opposition to cloning become so irrational when dealing with an issue
>like human cloning, we'd better watch out for their response when we're
>talking about altering human nature and making technological changes far
>more interesting and far-reaching that copying a person's genes.

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