Re: John Glenn's Biometrics...

Hara Ra (
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 22:37:28 -0800

At 09:50 AM 10/24/98 -0700, you wrote:
>> Hara Ra wrote: Easily done with ASIC technology. Problem is in
>> getting rid of the thing. Kidney stones supreme!
>why would you ever need to, hara ra? kidney stones do
>their damage when passing thru the tiny ureter, a tube with
>the inner diameter of a human hair that connects the kidney to
>the bladder. a large kidney stone is typically the size of
>a grain of rice. after the stone arrives in the bladder, all is well,
>for it then passes harmlessly and painlessly thru the relatively
>enormous urethra and out to sea. the implant could be left
>in place indefinitely, even if it failed.
Thanks for correction.

>is this really *easily done*? even the telemetry part? if
>so i volunteer to carry one. {8^D spike
I read a book about 15 years on design of radio telemetry devices you put into gelatin sized capsules which pass through the digestive system. No, I don't recall the title, but "biotelemetry" is a good word to search for.

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