Re: Ben Bova's Immortality book.

Bernard Hughes (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 01:02:14 -0330

Duane Hewitt wrote:

> However I have been disappointed in several respects even though this is a
> book which covers many of the basic themes underlying current anti-aging
> research. The book seems to lack focus in that Dr. Bova covers topics that
> are peripherally related to aging and covers them at a very basic level
> suitable for a high school student.

I've just started reading this book, and haven't formed an opinion yet. But what I have noticed, in leaving it lying around the house, is that my housemates have started reading it. They are new housemates, and are new to this kind of topic. The book does seem to be stimulating some thoughts about a future that is different from the past. As such, I consider it has already been worth the purchase price.


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