Re: Aha! experiences
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 08:43:22 EDT

In a message dated 98-10-18 23:48:54 EDT, Scott Badger wrote:

> >> Where I work, it would have been socially and politically

> >> courageous of me to bring up or admit that I was an
> >> Agnostic . . . let alone an Atheist.
> >
> >why is that? are you a minister or something? none of
> >my business really, just curious.
> I'm not a minister. I'm a psychologist. I have heard us referred
> to, however, as secular priests. I actually like that term.
> I don't know what to tell you about "why that is". It's Dallas. . .
> it's conservative.

Once again we encounter the broad range of contexts in which we each individually experience and live out the implications of a transhumanist vision. As I've noted before, I'm sometimes struck by how some of our compadres who live and work exclusively in more "advanced" regimes of academia or "progressive" communities sometimes seem a little out of touch with "the mainstream". I'm not thinking of any particular person here, just a general observation . . .

I live and work primarily in a very conservative milieu and have to always be on guard against communicating in a fashion that either alienates people or is simply so incongruent with their thinking and experience that they have no comprehension at all of what I'm talking about. The stories I can tell about conversations that have followed a question about my Alcor pendant . . .

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