Tipler was Re: TimeTravel

Bernard Hughes (bjhughes@istar.ca)
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 09:54:56 -0230

Hara Ra wrote:

> >Bernard:
> > Tipler speculates on the ultimate in Peering Into the Past Technology in
> >Omega Point. He assumes a universewide intelligence in a collapsing
> >universe. He contends that being could gather enough information from the
> >past to resurrect (simulate) us all. Personally, I would want a rather more
> >direct connection with my Future Self than a hi-res simulation.
> Having just finished Tipler, he didn't say that. With infinite computation
> available, ALL possible past universes and ALL of their states are
> simulated. No past information is needed. A very GENERAL form of
> resurrection. (IMHO rather meaningless...)

Its a long time since I read Tipler. Must have been wishful thinking. That is a very weak and unappealing form of resurrection. As you say, rather meaningless. That still leaves cryonics as the best resurrection option so far.


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