Time Travel vs Future of Humanity

xebec (xebec@home.com)
Sat, 24 Oct 1998 00:00:55 -0400

I'm absolutely NOT off the doomsday scenario type, but I wanted to theorize that IF time travel is possible, and IF it is something that we can conceive in any capacity in the future, it's quite possible we've never seen a time traveler because humanity doesn't survive long enough to reach the point in thought where we can conceive of a way to travel through time. OR, on the same token, we advance well enough that mentally that when we do discover time travel, we're ALL mature enough not to take this technology into the past?. OR someone in the future changed something in the past that will make us not reach time traveling technology until a certain point where we've reached "maturity". In any case, I'm wondering if anyone has any evidence to prove that we with either should or shouldn't detect time travel?